The Session

A great site for Celtic tunes. Sheet music, midis, great discussions. You have to join (free) to participate, and it's well worth it.

The Old Music Project

ALL of O'Neill's online! Plus all of O'Carolan, and much more. A fantastic resource. Sheet music, midis.

Mari Hoiland's Site

Wonderful local site for Irish events, links, etc. Mari posts pictures from our own Vashon Ceili every month. Thanks, Mari!

Chiff and Fipple

An excellent resource for whistle players. Plus, it's just fun to say. Chiff and Fipple. Chiff and Fipple...

Alan Ng's site

This has a lot of information about Irish tunes, including tune analysis, tune search, discography, etc. Fun to browse.

BBC Virtual Session

This is a hoot. You're in a "virtual session" with some pretty good players in a pub. You get to pick which 3-tune set you'll play, and you can play along with them. It goes at a moderate pace, not too fast, not too slow. It even shows the sheet music for whichever tune you're on.

Breton Music

A source for Breton music (Brittany). This site also has Irish, Scottish, etc., but this particular link takes you directly to their Breton section.

Rhode Island Collection

This goes straight to the celtic section of this site, but there's lots more on the main page.



These are some great online tutorials on whistle and flute (and some guitar). He does a great job of slowing down the ornaments, and still does a good job of playing them clearly.

Music Theory

I love this site. It's maintained by Dolmetsch, a company known most for its fine recorders (the "whistle" kind of recorder, not a recording device). This is a link to their music theory section. It's VERY readable for people of all levels of ability, and a great place to start.

And never buy music staff paper again! They have a gazillion different free printable staff papers.

A Guide to the Irish Flute

A good starting point for the Irish flute.

Focuses on the Anglo concertina (most widely used kind for Irish music). It's probably every rabid concertina player's home page.

Grey Larsen's Tune Vault

I can't recommend a link on playing tunes any higher than this one! Grey Larsen, a great traditional flute player, (among other instruments) has put together what he calls his Tune Vault. He takes a single tune, and creates what he calls a "tune packet". You can download a few of them for free to take a look. Each "packet" contains an mp3 of him playing the tune very slowly. All the ornaments are crystal clear, and easy to pick out. Also included is a pdf of the tune, scored with his own notation for ornaments (which he explains elsewhere on his site), and another pdf giving notes about the tune. If you like these packets, you can download more for $2.49 a pop. No, I don't get commissions on these - I just think they are excellent analyses of these tunes, and probably better than you'd get from a $50 private lesson. They would benefit 


 melody player, not just flute and/or whistle players.